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At Ac Cut we offer a wide range of services, from precision cutting of small components to large-scale projects. With our advanced waterjet cutting technology, we can cut virtually any material, from metals and composites to plastics and ceramics. We also cut rare materials that are difficult to machine with traditional methods.


Our waterjet cutting technology uses a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive particles to create precise cuts without causing any heat-affected zones or structural changes in the material. This means that you can achieve a high-quality cut with minimal material wastage, and without compromising the material’s integrity.

Waterjet is the process of cutting material with the high pressure of water, passing through an ultra-hard nuzzle, usually sintered Boride.

Waterjet Cutting has the minimum kerf (0.5-1.5mm) with a zero HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) , as the heated zone is continuously cooled.

This unique advantage has positioned waterjet in an unrivaled cutting solution, categorized as a cold cut.

Because of the low cutting section (low kerf), many brittle materials are cut with waterjet In seamless quality.

Waterjet Cutting can save us scrap material, enabling us to consider the uncut shapes in the mother plate, as close to each other as possible, due to the tiny kerf.

Due to these exclusive advantages of waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting solutions, it is widely used in Defense & Military, Marine, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Mining and Metal, Automotive, Construction, Textile and many more industries.

We are committed to maintaining an exceptional service quality

We are committed to excellence in customer service, as we learn from them routinely.

Creativity is what you can expect from us. If you have heard NO from other cutting service providers, contact us.

We have ONE-DAY cutting service for many orders. This gives you flexibility in your timing.

Waterjet Cutting is a technique by which high pressure steam of water containing abrasive particles is used to cut shapes and create designs without having to do any secondary finishing.

It is cost effective and all materials are maximized to full usage. This method can be used to cut all kinds of metals. like Brass, Bronze, Stainless steel, Titanium.

On top of quality, customer service and delivery time we at Ac Cut value our planet the most. We are committed to sustainability and that is why 100% water, used by our waterjet machines is collected from rainwater. We have many loyal clients who have joined us to support our environmental campaigns.

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 Waterjet cutting services are used in which industries?

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture
  • Signage and Advertising
  • Marine
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Food Processing
  • Packaging
  • Textile
  • Art and Sculpture
  • Energy
  • Defense and Military
  • Furniture

From design and material selection to scheduling and execution, our technical staff will advise, supervise the work and stay with you until the project is executed as per your requirements.


Most frequent questions and answers
What materials can be cut using waterjet technology?

Waterjet cutting can be used on a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, stone, glass, ceramics, and composites.

What are the advantages of waterjet cutting?

Waterjet cutting offers benefits such as precise cuts, minimal material waste, no heat-affected zone, and the ability to cut complex shapes.

How precise and accurate is waterjet cutting?

Our waterjet cutting is known for its high precision, with tolerances as low as ±0.1 mm achievable depending on the material and thickness.

What is the maximum thickness that can be cut using waterjet?

Our Waterjets can cut materials with thickness up to 24 inches.

* Depending on the material being cut.

Are there any limitations on the shapes or designs that can be cut?

Waterjet cutting is highly versatile and can cut intricate shapes and designs with ease, including curves, angles, and holes.

Can you handle custom or complex projects?

Yes, we specialize in custom and complex projects, and our experienced team can work with you to meet your specific cutting requirements.

How experienced is your team in performing waterjet cutting services?

Our team has extensive experience in waterjet cutting, working on numerous projects with successful outcomes.

We have experience of 3 decades in the industry, serving clients in / from Toronto and all over Canada.

What is the turnaround time for waterjet cutting orders?

Our turnaround time depends on the complexity and volume of the project, and we strive to deliver within agreed-upon timelines.

What factors determine the cost of waterjet cutting services?

The cost of waterjet cutting services is influenced by factors such as material type, thickness, complexity, and the desired turnaround time.

Contact Us for more details.

Do you offer waterjet cutting services in Toronto, Canada?

Yes, we provide waterjet cutting services in Toronto, Canada, catering to the local market's needs, but also serve clients all over Canada based on the requirements.

How sustainable is your waterjet cutting?

Our waterjet cutting process is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly. The use of water as the cutting medium eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or toxins, making it an eco-conscious choice. Additionally, our machines are designed to optimize water usage, minimizing waste and conserving resources. We also prioritize recycling and proper disposal of any generated waste materials, ensuring responsible practices throughout the cutting process. By choosing our waterjet cutting services, you can be confident that your projects are being executed with a minimal environmental impact.

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