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About Us

AC Cut – A Multi-Capable Partner

AC Cut is your one stop service company.  We possess the largest and most advanced 10K Fiber Laser with bed size of 7’x13’ in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with utmost attention given to accuracy and detail. 

We provide Waterjet and Router Cutting services on practically any material.


Our 3 decades of experience in the industry makes us uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of services to:

Architectural-construction Industries – Artistic and Decorative – Automotive – Aviation and Aerospace – Elevators – Food and Kitchen industries – Glass, Stone and tile – Glazing– Health care – Military, Marine and Defense – Mining – Nuclear – Oil and Gas – Sign and Display – Textile


AC Cut  CORPORATE PROMISE:  All our services are supported by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.


STATE-OF-THE- ART TECHNOLOGIES:  With our new TruLaser 10K Fibre, the First of its kind here in GTA, along with Advanced Waterjet and Router Technologies, they make our execution and product output flawless. 


EXPERIENCE: With 3 decades of experience, we possess the knowledge, flexibility and solutions working with a variety of Metals, Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Copper, Granite, Titanium, and everything out there.

EXCELLENCE: We Possess unsurpassed expertise in Laser, Waterjet, Router cutting. Our problem-solving capabilities afford us the ability to execute the most challenging work with excellence.


PRECISION:  We give the utmost attention to Accuracy and Detail. Cutting material from 0.001” to 12” thickness with tolerances of ± 0.005” and outstanding edge quality.


AFFORDABILITY:  Our services are cost-effective without compromising job precision and accuracy.

FAST SERVICE: Timely Job completion, fast and rapid service within your time frame.

Vision Statement

AC Cut – To be one of the world’s leading cutting service Companies, providing cutting solutions precisely tailored to all your Laser, Waterjet and Router cutting needs.

Mission Statement

AC Cut – Dedicated to providing affordable Laser, Waterjet and Router cutting solutions for your every need.

Values Statement

Leadership: With strength and Courage leading the way forward in the future.
Customer Commitment:  Standing firm on our customer satisfaction guarantee policy.


Integrity: Upstanding Company with a solid longstanding impeccable reputation.


Passion:  Committed to finding solutions.


Quality: Producing Outstanding products, delivering premium service to our customers.